…Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis… The Asian Leopard Cat…


The genes of this wildcat are anchored in our Bengal's DNA: Génésie.


We are a couple, both biologists, who have fallen in love with this breed for several reasons, first of all for the wild appearance of this feline, so different to other cats.

The geneticist Mrs Jean Mills succeeded in creating this magic thanks to a fortuitous crossing between a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard Cat. Their offspring, crossed with other breeds to develop specific characteristics, gave rise to a cat with a precise standard. Cats' Elite ! Discover this adventure in "Bengals Story".


What we find interesting, as devotees of genetics, is our contribution to the present day improvements of the breed while bearing in mind the Bengal's standard which must remain as wild as possible. Our work as breeders on consolidating the distinct markings developing the pattern has been wonderfully fulfilling.


With our high quality queen, our wish is to work on the head and profile, while preserving the rosettes, glitter and contrast. We will voluntarily develop a small breed which is family friendly, so we provide a stimulating environment for our cats, at our sides, allowing optimal socialisation of the kittens within our family, interacting with our other pets.


What an enriching adventure this is turning out to be !

Our queens are giving birth to high quality kittens with chosen sires to fix the desired characteristics but more importantly, we are reproducing small domestic leopards :
our kittens are athletic, sharp, intelligent and sociable - in short, simply SPLENDID!


From Wild ….. to your Home……..

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